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Florida Circuit Court Certified and Federal Court Mediator, With 21 Years of Civil Litigation and Trial Experience

  • Mitchell L. Feldman Esq.

Accomplished Tampa & Orlando Mediator Helps Parties Reach Consensus – BETTER!!!

Certified mediator in Florida and Georgia handling State and Federal case mediations, in Florida and all Workers’ Compensation mediations in Florida.

Resolving legal conflicts through mediation can save an enormous amount of time and expense, but only a mediator with the right skills and background can provide the best chance of achieving consensus. At Mitchell L. Feldman Esq. in Tampa, I am a certified mediator and arbitrator with more than 20 years of legal experience representing a wide variety of individual and business clients throughout Florida. In my work as a neutral third party, I use the knowledge that I have gained advocating for plaintiffs, corporations and insurance companies in disputes ranging from local actions to nationwide class-action disputes. No matter the specific nature of your case or the side you represent, you can rely on me for fair, effective mediation that is focused on attaining a mutually acceptable result. Contact our experienced Tampa & Orlando mediation service today.

Mediator Mitchell Feldman, Esq conducts Florida mediations without charging travel costs

Choosing the right mediator can be the difference between a satisfactory result and a waste of resources. By retaining my services, you will receive:

  • Unique, customized solutions — With more than two decades of legal experience, I understand the motivations of different parties and tailor my work to meet the parties’ specific goals.
  • Cost-effective rates — Many litigants choose mediation to avoid excessive legal fees. My rates are competitive and, unlike most mediators, I do not bill for travel costs.
  • Detailed assistance — My deep understanding of legal issues, insurance policies and other complex matters means that more time is spent resolving disputes.

Having worked both in South Florida and along the Gulf Coast, I am very familiar with local issues throughout the state.

Resolving all types of legal conflicts through mediation

 I mediate and can arbitrate all types of claims including:
  • EMPLOYMENT CLAIMS — As an advocate, I have handled large-scale, National and regional wage and hour, overtime and minimum wage class actions and collective actions under the FLSA and the FMWA, as well as the FMLA, Title VII, ADA, ADEA, Civil Rights Act, Whistleblower Claims, False Claim Act, Employment contracts, Non-compete disputes, unpaid wages.
  • PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE MATTERS — 20 years of experience representing both the plaintiffs and insurance company and insured clients in personal injury, property damage claims, including medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful death, automobile accidents.
  • WORKERS’ COMPENSATION:  20 years combined experience in representing both the Employer/Carrier and Employee Claimant.
  • SHAREHOLDER, PARTNERSHIP LLC MEMBER DISPUTES — Resolving matters among business owners and business partners requires a commitment to finding a solution that breaks through the conflict and preserves value for each side. My experience enables me to develop comprehensive agreements that works for all sides.
  • PRE-LAWSUIT CONFLICTS AND EEOC/HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION CLAIMS— Often, the best course for everyone is to seek a strong mediator at the beginning of a dispute so the matter can be settled before devoting time and money to legal filings.

Whatever your specific dispute entails, I offer the knowledge and experience of a big-firm attorney combined with the personalized service only a small firm can provide.

Contact a dedicated Tampa & Orlando mediator

Mitchell L. Feldman Esq. serves as a mediator in contract, insurance and other types of legal disputes.  Please call 877-946-8293 or contact me online to schedule a meeting. My office is in Tampa, but I work anywhere in Florida without charging parties for travel costs.


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