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The Basics of FINRA Arbitration and Mediation

You put your trust and financial wealth in the hands of a broker when you open an investment account, and you rely on this adviser’s expertise to increase the value of your assets. However, most financial professionals won’t make promises or guarantees about how well your portfolio will perform. When business contract disputes arise over […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

Property insurance is intended to cover the losses that homeowners suffer when various circumstances result in damage to their homes; however, it’s common that parties don’t see eye-to-eye when a policyholder files a claim. Insurers are businesses that are always looking at their bottom line, so it’s understandable that they want to scrutinize the facts. […]

Mediation in Florida Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you’re injured at work, there are laws to assist you with payment of medical expenses and lost compensation until you can return to your job. In Florida, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide you with the compensation you need to get back to work. The workers’ compensation claim process […]

Mediation in Florida Homeowners’ Association Disputes

Disagreements regarding Florida homeowners’ associations aren’t the typical types of business disputes that might involve a breach of contract or non-payment of an invoice. From the homeowner’s perspective, the dispute centers on an asset in which he or she has invested more than just money: There is typically an emotional investment that can’t be assigned […]

What to Look for in a Mediation Professional

Mediation is a highly effective option for resolving a wide range of disputes, from divorce and family law matters to business disagreements and personal injury cases. Your success with mediation depends upon your willingness to compromise and reach agreement, but another factor to ensure a positive outcome is choosing the right mediator. It’s true that […]

Should You Consider Mediation for a Personal Injury Case in Florida?

To many, a lawsuit for personal injury follows a few familiar steps: Make a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company; Attempt to reach settlement to recover compensation for the victim’s losses; and then, File a lawsuit when negotiations break down and settlement becomes impossible. However, there is one option in between these that not […]

What is a Mediation Brief?

Mediation is a proceeding intended to help parties resolve their differences without going to a full trial to litigate disputes, so there are a few features that distinguish it from a typical court setting. One factor is the mediation brief that the parties prepare to relate their respective positions in the matter. The document is […]

Why Do Courts Require Parties to Attempt Mediation in Disputes?

Attorneys of all experience levels are familiar with mediation as a means of resolving disputes out of court, having learned about the process back in law school. However, you may be surprised to learn that some state and federal courts actually require parties to participate in mediation proceedings in Florida before you can move your […]

Try Mediation First in Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Even the best laid plans for operating your business can go awry when shareholders or partners don’t agree on what’s best for the company. You might assume that the only way to resolve your differences is to head to a Florida court and hope for the best, but litigation can be a gamble when it […]

Top Five Reasons Mediation Works

There’s a good reason that all 20 of Florida’s circuit courts order at least some portion of their caseload to mandatory mediation: The mediation process works to resolve disputes without going through expensive, time-consuming litigation in court. Here’s a look at why mediation is so successful in bringing parties to compromise on conflicts and avoiding […]


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