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Orlando Mediator Helps Clients Resolve Labor, Employment and Civil Rights Disputes Quickly

In a culturally diverse city such as Orlando – especially one with a significant immigrant population as well as vulnerable population groups – it is important that there are laws protecting groups that may be at a disadvantage in the employment or commercial spheres from exploitation by other, more powerful groups. When these state and federal laws are violated, arbitration or mediation services may help resolve the matter in a fair and equitable way while still providing cost benefits to both parties.

Orlando Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for Labor, Employment, and Civil Rights Conflicts

State and federal labor laws, employment laws, and civil rights laws are all enacted with one overarching goal in mind: to ensure all individuals are treated fairly and with dignity inside and outside the workplace. These laws protect workers from being taken advantage of by employers and help prevent businesses from discriminating against customers. Disputes in which one party alleges unlawful treatment or discrimination by the other party can be lengthy and costly (both financially and otherwise) for the parties to resolve through litigation.

Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services is well-equipped with the knowledge and legal skill to assist you in effectively resolving a number of disputes outside of court involving labor laws, employment laws, and civil rights laws, such as:

  • Wage disputes, including payment of minimum wages and proper calculation and payment of overtime. Many wage disputes will be governed by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, although in resolving minimum wage disputes Florida’s minimum wage law will also need to be considered.
  • Employment discrimination disputes, which are governed by a number of state and federal laws such as Title CII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Florida Civil Rights Act. These laws prevent adverse hiring and employment decision based on an employee’s personal characteristics such as the employee’s age, sex, marital status, disability, and others.
  • Protections against retaliation disputes, which arise when a workplace whistleblower reports an unsafe condition, unethical corporate policies, or unlawful activities by management and the employer retaliates against the whistleblower by firing the employee, demoting him or her, or creating a hostile work environment.

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Successful and fair resolution of these disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods requires the services of a mediator or arbitrator who is familiar with these laws and their application to the specific circumstances of the dispute. Choosing an arbitrator or mediator who has little or no experience in resolving these types of discrimination lawsuits can result in findings that are patently unfair, are at odds with prevailing caselaw and prior decisions, and that will prolong your dispute.

The Orlando ADR firm of Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services is available to help you resolve your employment dispute or discrimination action in a fair, equitable, and efficient manner. Submitting your case to an arbitrator or mediator helps save both parties the time and expense of a trial while giving both parties the benefit of having their case heard by an impartial party dedicated to helping the two parties resolve their disagreement. Contact Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services today.


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