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Resolve Your Orlando Personal Injury Dispute Efficiently and Equitably

With multiple amusement parks and attractions made accessible by interstate highways, personal injury accidents like car accidents, truck accidents, amusement park injuries, and other similar incidents happen with regularity in Orlando. When a person is injured, he or she faces a difficult road to recovery: While a personal injury lawsuit can be filed, resolving these disputes through the court system can take months, if not years. Until the suit is resolved, both the plaintiff and the defendant must expend time and resources to present their claims and defenses.

Arbitration and Mediation Can Save Orlando Personal Injury Litigants Time and Money

There is an alternative method of resolving Orlando personal injury lawsuits – arbitration or mediation. These alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forms can result in a resolution of the issues of the case without the need for the expenses associated with discovery that are often associated with preparing a case for trial. Not only this, but swift resolution of the personal injury case can save both litigants in attorney’s fees and litigation costs. If the defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries, the plaintiff may receive compensation faster than he or she would through the trial court system and appellate system. If the defendant is not liable, he or she is able to move forward with his or life and business.

Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation in Orlando Personal Injury Case

Arbitration may be an appropriate alternative dispute resolution form if you and the other party are not in agreement as to the central issues of liability in the case. In arbitration, you and the other party submit your evidence and present the testimony of witnesses to a neutral arbitrator in a trial-like setting. However, this proceeding typically proceeds much quicker than a trial because the rules of evidence are relaxed and there is no need for a jury to be selected. The arbitrator hears the evidence and testimony and renders a decision establishing liability and, if applicable, the amount of compensation the defendant owes the plaintiff.

Mediation is more appropriate if you and the other party are in agreement that one person may be liable for the injuries of the other but there is disagreement as to the amount of compensation that may be justified under the facts of the case. A neutral mediator helps facilitate a discussion between the two parties and assists them in reaching a mutually-agreeable solution to their dispute.

Contact an Experienced and Knowledgeable Orlando Arbitration and Mediation Services Firm

Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services is capable of assisting litigants in an Orlando personal injury case resolve their dispute, regardless of the underlying facts of the injury incident. Our priority is ensuring your case is resolved fairly and as efficiently as possible so that you are able to move forward without enduring the time and expenses associated with litigation. Contact Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services today for prompt and professional assistance.


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