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Orlando Workers’ Compensation Mediation Helping Employers, Insurers, and Injured Workers Reach Fair Resolutions

Orlando is home to many different industries, many of which place workers in danger of developing serious illnesses or suffering injuries while on the job. Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are designed to give financial protection to these workers by providing compensation for medical expenses as well as a portion of their lost wages. This compensation system can break down, however, when employers and their insurers refuse to pay an injured or ill worker because they believe the illness or injury does not qualify for compensation.

The injured or ill worker wants his or her compensation. The employer and insurer want to be sure they are not paying for an ineligible claim. Instead of litigating the matter over the course of months or years, Orlando State Certified Mediator, Mitchell Feldman, of Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services can assist both parties in reaching their goals faster and less expensively than going through court.

Anatomy and Resolution of an Orlando Workers’ Compensation Dispute Through Mediation

When an Orlando worker is injured or becomes ill on the job and needs time off to recover, he or she provides notice of the illness or injury to his or her employer. The workers’ compensation laws are designed to then provide benefits to the employee within a matter of a few days. In order to continue receiving benefits, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer must find that the injury or illness occurred “on the job.” One frequent source of contention between injured workers and the employer’s insurer is whether the injury is attributable to an on-the-job accident (which is compensable) or a pre-existing condition (which is not compensable).

In a traditional workers’ compensation case, the parties would litigate their disagreement before several hearing officers and boards, each of which might consider the evidence in its own unique way, if they could not come to an agreement through mediation. This can take months – in some cases, years – for the parties to exhaust all of their appeal rights. During this time, the injured worker may be deprived of the full benefits to which he or she may otherwise be entitled (and, in the case of a wrongful compensation claim, the employer’s insurer will be paying attorney’s fees, filing fees, and other costs associated with prosecuting an appeal).

Using alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation can help resolve a workers’ compensation dispute much sooner than traditional court-based methods. In some cases, the dispute will be resolved sooner and for less money than utilizing the workers’ compensation act’s system of hearing officers and appeal boards.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation State Certified Mediator for Assistance

Mitchell Feldman, of Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services, is committed to being a cost-effective and fair medium through which your workers’ compensation dispute can be resolved. We are not beholden to the employer or to the employee. Instead, we look at the law and help both parties achieve a just and fair result based on the law. Contact Orlando workers’ compensation State Certified mediator, Mitchell Feldman of Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services, today to learn how we can help you achieve a prompt and equitable resolution to your workers’ compensation dispute.


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