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Tampa Business Contract Disputes Solved Through Professional Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

So much of the commercial world in Tampa and throughout Florida is regulated by contracts. Businesses enter into contracts with customers about the provision of services or goods from the former to the latter. Businesses enter into contracts with other businesses so they can purchase goods and materials they need to operate. Contracts are intended to help provide some certainty as to how the relationship between the two parties is supposed to operate. However, contracts are only as helpful as they are created to be: factual inaccuracies and omissions can create confusion which can, in turn, lead to business contract disputes.

Defining a Contract for Purposes of Tampa ADR Business Contract Dispute Resolution

When someone hears the word “contract,” they most often think of a typewritten document that is signed (and perhaps notarized) by the parties involved. While this certain does qualify as a contract, in truth a contract is any agreement entered into voluntarily by the parties – there is no requirement that every contract be made in writing. While this allows a contract to be formed quickly, it does give plenty of opportunity for disputes to surface:

  • Whether there is a contract at all: If the contract was verbal, one party may claim that no valid contract existed at all. Or, if the parties do believe there was a contract, they may disagree over the terms that they agreed to. Determining conclusively whether a contract existed and, if so, what the terms of it were can be a difficult task where there is no written document;
  • Whether the contract addressed an unforeseen situation: To be of any use, a contract must address situations that are likely to arise during the course of the performance of the contract. If an unusual or unanticipated circumstance arises, the parties may not agree as to how the matter should be handled.
  • Whether one party breached the contract: A “breach” occurs whenever one party does not live up to his or her obligations under the terms of the contract. Sometimes a dispute can arise over whether a breach has actually occurred and, if so, what the proper remedy ought to be.

The law gives contracting parties great latitude to make an agreement with one another that reflects their goals and desired outcomes. By using arbitration and/or mediation when a business contract dispute arises, parties are often able to retain the same flexibility to craft a solution to the dispute that meets their objectives.

ADR Assistance for Tampa Businesses Involved in a Business Dispute

Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services is your Tampa-area alternative dispute resolution office. When your business is facing a contract dispute, look to us to help you and the other party resolve your differences without the need for expensive and disruptive litigation. Contact our office today and learn how the services of an experienced, knowledgeable, and fair business contract dispute mediator and arbitrator can help conclude your disagreement in an efficient manner.


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