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Tampa LLC Disputes Mediator & Professional ADR Services

Limited liability companies (LLCs) offer business owners and entrepreneurs a business entity option for their new venture that is easy to set up and that requires minimal work to maintain. When two or more owners decide to start an LLC, it may seem like managing the business will be just as easy as setting it up. However, owners who take the shortcut in setting up an LLC with minimal or no operating agreement or who are not clear on the essential purposes of the business are bound to find themselves enmeshed in a LLC member dispute over money and management of the business.

Types of Issues in Tampa LLC MemberDisputes

A good number of LLC member disputes could be avoided if the owners had spent more time crafting a comprehensive operating agreement that indicated how the business was to be run, how decisions were to be made, and what each owner’s rights were to the profits and losses of the business. These issues, then, become “flash points” and cause LLC member disputes.

At Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services, we have assisted numerous  LLCs members in solving disputes that have come up during the life of the LLC, such as:

  • Language to be used in the operating agreement;
  • Who to admit as members of the LLC and what their management role and powers are;
  • Whether the LLC should change its purpose or industry;
  • Who receives what share of the profits and losses;
  • When one member makes a decision that binds the LLC into an obligation that the other members may not have wanted;
  • Allegations that one member is not remaining loyal to the LLC’s goals and operations;
  • Whether new property and assets should be purchased or new debt undertaken.

These and other LLC member disputes are capable of being resolved through mediation and arbitration, two forms of alternative dispute resolution. While an aggrieved party in an LLC member dispute can always file a lawsuit and pursue relief through the court system, you and the other parties may find that resolving the matter by using an impartial arbitrator or professional and resourceful mediator that the matter is resolved much more quickly and with fewer expenses than simply hiring a lawyer and going to court.

Why Do I Need a Tampa Arbitrator or Mediator for My LLC membership Dispute?

Arbitrators and mediators used to help you resolve your LLC dispute out should be professionals familiar with the laws and regulations applicable to LLC operations. An arbitrator or mediator should also be capable of listening before rendering a decision or proposing a resolution to a dispute. With the right arbitrator or mediator, parties may often find that the process of resolving their differences with the help of an LLC dispute arbitrator or mediator much more satisfying than leaving the fate of their legal claim in the hands of a judge or jury. Contact certified mediator, Mitchell Feldman and Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services today and I’ll explain how a professional and competent LLC dispute mediator and arbitrator can make a difference in your case.


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