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Tampa Personal Injury Mediation & Arbitration

With its large population, busy roads, and many attractions, there are a seemingly-infinite number of ways wherein an individual can suffer a personal injury accident. Some of these accidents may only result in a broken bone or some bruising; others may result in fatal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or other catastrophic injuries. Whether it is a car accident, truck crash, injury on public transportation, or a slip and fall at the store, injured plaintiffs have one thing in common: they want their compensation, and they want it as soon as possible.

The Road to Recovery After a Tampa Personal Injury Accident Need Not Be Long

When a personal injury occurs, the plaintiff may decide to file a lawsuit to seek compensation from the person he or she believes caused his or her injuries. The process through which this case will proceed if a judge or jury is to decide the outcome can take months or even years to reach a final resolution and can involve considerable expense. At any time, however, parties may agree to resolve their dispute through arbitration or mediation:

  • Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method whereby a “mini-trial” is held with the assistance of a neutral arbitrator. The arbitrator’s role is to preside over the proceedings as a judge would preside over a case and consider the evidence and testimony submitted by both parties under relaxed rules of evidence. The parties may also make brief legal arguments as to why the arbitrator should grant them the legal relief they each request. The arbitrator then enters a judgment finding in favor of one party or the other. The right to appeal an arbitrator’s decision is quite limited, meaning that a final resolution is obtained more quickly than by going through the court system.
  • Mediation is a slightly different form of alternative dispute resolution in that the third-party mediator acts to facilitate a discussion or conversation between the two parties about how to reach an agreement with which they both can live. A mediator does not force one party or the other to accept an agreement, but the mediator is present to assist each party in understanding the other party’s bargaining position and desired outcome so that more fruitful and realistic settlement discussions can take place.

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Mediation and/or arbitration can be effective means of resolving your personal injury case quicker and with less expenses than proceeding through the court system. Having a professional Tampa mediator or arbitrator presiding over your alternative dispute resolution session can help you or your family obtain a settlement that is adequate to cover your medical expenses and other losses. Before considerable resources are expended in prosecuting a personal injury case through the civil court system, contact Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services and learn how alternative dispute resolution methods may make sense in your case.


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