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Shareholders are those who have invested their money in a particular corporation or business and, in so doing, have purchased the ability to exercise some measure of control over the business’s operations. Most shareholders do not micromanage the company in which they are invested: Instead, they along with other shareholders hire directors and officers to oversee the operations of the business (these directors and officers then hire managers and supervisors to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business).

What Might Lead to a Tampa Shareholder Dispute?

Shareholders rarely have grievances with the directors of the company and, in most cases, only act to elect new directors as other directors retire, quit, or die, and to wind up the business if the shareholders no longer want to continue with their commercial venture. There are certain situations, though, which are likely to result in the shareholders taking action. These are situations which can be effectively addressed through mediation or arbitration provided by Feldman Mediation & Arbitration Services:

  • Directors are violating their fiduciary duties by engaging in activities that put the company in a disadvantaged position. Directors ought to place the wellbeing and success of the company above any other project or goal;
  • Directors are engaging in unethical and/or illegal behavior, as this may jeopardize the security of the company and the company’s ability to continue operations;
  • Directors are making poor business decisions – decisions that are considerably worse than those that might be made by an average director. The doctrine of the Business Judgment Rule protects directors from liability for decisions they made on behalf of the business so long as those decisions were not recklessly or carelessly made;
  • Some shareholders or directors want to terminate the business operations, a situation which can split the shareholders and be quite volatile.

Without arbitration or mediation services, shareholders would need to file a lawsuit against the directors and then prosecute that lawsuit through the trial court and court of appeals. This is a process that could take years to complete and easily end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. Alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration and mediation can often resolve these complicated disputes faster and at a fraction of the cost as litigation.

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